Old Days

Dedicated to the Winona Post Office

In ’72, the letter from Rome telling me
I would be expelled from my religious
Vows came the same week as her
Letter saying she wasn’t pregnant but
She was marrying the other guy.

I kept the first and burned the second
Before I wrote her saying she had ruined
My life, which was a lie because I could
Do that all by myself. I needed a stamp and
Luckily decided not to mail it before I got one.

The next week the envelope marked
Selective Service arrived to declare me fit
To die in “Nam or some such policy blunder
And also one from a guy I knew recently
Arrived in Toronto, saying you should visit.

In the old days, it took a while to get
The news and more if they expected a reply.
You could consider your limited options,
Make plans, change your mind a dozen times
Before you ever used one of those stamps.

Old Days

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Winona, Minnesota
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I've been in support of this project from the start. Post offices are culturally specific both as architecture and as a social/communal crossroads. Many of my poems are about the nuances of everyday life and so, poems about post offices and their meanings vis a vis my experience of living and working in Minnesota, seem like a natural fit with the intent of po4ever.
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